Monday, May 20, 2013


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Thursday, May 2, 2013

!! (Exclamations)

Inspired by punctuation, here's a poem for your perusal:




Uh-Oh! Oh No!
Egad! So Sad!
Exclamations fill the gaps,
Conveying our response to ills.
They are not a memory lapse.

Wow! Indeed! I don’t know what to say!
Awesome! Not Bad! Outstanding! Hey!
Supportive salutations,
Our words, reflective acts
Convey congratulations,
Worthy pats on our backs.

Exclaiming is a shout out loud
Expressing our delight.
Woo Hoo! Whoopee!
Xena’s Yah Yah Yah just before a fight.
But I wonder how an Angel
Exclaims when things go right?

For heaven is our final bliss.
Exclamations, all the glory!
Such a simple punctuation
Rapts up our earthly story.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Woman At The Well

Having fun with phone photo apps...
and featuring my music as well...Life is good....

Woman At The Well

A dusty road,
The mid-day sun.
Our Lord sits down.
His work’s not done.
He rests alone,
And comes a woman.
“Sir, you are thirsty.”
He says to her,
“Go call your husband.”

So speaks the Lord
Straight to her heart.
A sinner she,
We know the part.
They talk some more
She finds what she sought.
“Sir, You’re a prophet.”
He says to her,
“Drink living water.”

Our Lord has come 
To offer each
Eternal life 
Within our reach
Come to the well of life eternal
We are open vessels. 
Wash away our sin.
Feed us living water. 
Fill us to the brim.

A hand pump was the best 'well' I could find in my area....mosaic effect

I really liked this mirrored app!


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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Valuable Junk

I love wearing bracelets, and so far I haven't lost one as I move my arm in and out of mailboxes along my delivery route...
But my collection has grown to overflowing and I was running out of counter space.  Traipsing through Target, I had an AHA moment when I spied a white ceramic chip/dip platter on clearance and could visualize my collection all arranged in its confines♫♪


Mosaic effect from my phone app

Isoline app


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

UTF Unable To Forward

Playing around with my phone apps....My poem inspired me♫♪

UTF…Unable To Forward

The stamp said Forever
But Lady Liberty let me down.
Hand scribbled, “U T F”
Across the name of the town.

Just a catch-up note
No romance, no plea to be with me.
But I was caught by surprise, a jolt
To find no address, no remedy.

What do I do with it now?
Tear it, toss it, tack it up?
Terminating  seems so final, kapow!

So the letter lies forgotten
In the pile of lists to-do
Until one day a text comes, unbidden
“Hey, what’s up with you?”


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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Combining photography and poetry this week...

The moon was full as I drove past St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church and the road empty, so I stopped and rolled down my window, snapping two shots, knowing full well my little phone camera would probably not do the scene justice.  See what you think♫♪

Inspire Me Monday
NF Abstract
Rurality Hop # 9
Alphabe Thursday letter T
Orange You Glad It's Friday
Ready To Waltz


Perfection, attained twice in this world-
I feel prompted to point this out.
With all the ideals we aspire to unfurl
It’s been done, twice by my count.

First, just after time began
When creation was complete
God Almighty rested after seven spans
Not one iota needed to be added, it was sweet.

The other time?  When Christ sat,
Indicating His job completion.
Nothing more was required, that was that!
His deeds culminating in The Resurrection.

So far there have been two times of perfection.
We strive toward heaven, knowing it is won.
Christ rose from the dead, securing mankind’s salvation.
Our future secured, may we now focus on adoring the One who got it done.

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Welcome to April♫♪

Monday, March 25, 2013

Satan's Standing Room

Mostly for the Easter season, but also to participate in a couple of blog hops, I wrote a poem...
The abstract is melting snow crystals that I enhanced with blue....It seemed to suit the poem.

Inspire Me Monday - week 64
NF Abstract on Wednesday
Alphabe-Thursday letter S
Weekly Top Shot

Satan's Standing Room

‘No rest for the wicked’
So the saying goes
As a gleeful Satan runs to and fro.

With access to the very inner circle,
Our Satan tattles his tales
Of never ending woes, of all that fails.

Meanwhile, the One rests at the Right Hand
Sitting, relaxed, knowing all his heirs are tools
Biding time in heaven, awaiting His footstool.

For Hell will be standing room only
No rest, nor relief, no way to cope.
When Christ sat down, his work finished,
Redeeming mankind, our true hope.

 Happy Easter Everyone♫♪

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rain Check

Posting photos and lyrics and and an instrumental♫♪
Having trouble making my audio work....try my Song Site
What a difference a day makes....
Took a photo of my postal truck's side mirror in the rain to make an abstract....
Then, took the same mirror view shot the next day, see the mirror's sticker on the bottom pic?

My instrumentals are $.99 to download and can be found on my new website
Look for the boots that represents Rain Check.  If you want test the download process, Half Moon is free♫

Rurality Blog Hop
NF Abstracts
Alphabe-Thursday, letter R

Yesterday's rainy mirror/view out my side rear view
It really helps to get some distance on the abstract to see the silo's silhouette♪

I stopped and took the same shot today, which was sunny, but windy!

Rain Check

1. Like a raindrop marking its way with
Stops and starts,
You have found a warm space
at the bottom of my heart.

2. Like a teardrop coursing its way down,
Falls and drips
But is wiped away just
at the moment I feel gypped.

I am given my little stub which
gives me power claiming my item.

Rain check.
Always miss my life time
Ticket in hand
for the next in line.

Rain check.
Standing in my life line
No one calls my name
for next in line.

3. Patiently I wait for the day when
all my tickets
can be validated. Will that
take place in this little lifetime.
Only you can redeem my rain check.
Oh that...Refrain

Will you
Validate my rain check?
You are my only
Rain check.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Joining Alphabe-Thursday, letter Q

Visited Long Island this past year and enjoyed scurrying around the small community of East Quogue, NY (pronounced kwog).
The Long Island Exchange site gives a short background of the original inhabitants:

The Native Indian name of Quaguanantuck was shortened and changed to Quogue soon after the lands that form the town of today, changed hands and became European settler territory. Western civilization has never looked back since in this town that upholds sturdy values and the charm of colonized estates.

Took a photo of an isolated beach and played around with my phone apps....
can imagine the life led before the settlers came to stay.

Blue filter

Stylized effect


Come on Spring, I'm ready!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ordinary Words...'Max Forward'

One step at a time: Moving forward...maximizing forwardness

Linking to
Wordpress photo challenge-Forward
Inspire Me Monday
How does one take ordinary words and change policy?  Contact the right people?  That helps.
Create a ground roots swell of interest?  Also helpful, but requires some skill and luck.
Create a facts page so that the policy that needs an upgrade has all the right info on it...ok that takes some research....

Here's my idea: When FEMA is involved in funding for rebuilding homes, why not make sure all new home construction includes the recharging stations for electric cars?  Just like any appliance that needs special outlets/hook-ups (stoves and gas dryers), include the ability to charge an electric car. Make it easier for folks to own/use a glorified golf cart for their short errands.  By  implementing such a policy, we can move off the dependence for oil, update our infrastructure,  encourage more usage of electric cars, have an entire community on the same page for conserving energy, maybe even an entire seaboard...I'm a dreamer......

Maybe such a plan of action is already in the works.  If not I think it should be so here's what I'd like you to do.

Use any social outlet you have and hashtag it with this message:

 Lessen oil consumption by upgrading Gov't home disaster policy to include electric car charging stations in those homes. #MaxForward

I'd very much like to see what kind of consequences are the result ♫

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Year's Eve

 Valerie Viane lends her talents to my lyrics....The song speaks for itself♫
Having trouble getting the audio to link properly!!
Access the tune at the top of my song page

Linking to Alphabe-Thursday letter N

New Year’s Eve

On a whim
He went in
To perhaps see his tomorrows.
She grasped his hand and peered at him.
Here’s the sign.
Your life line
Indicates some pain and sorrow.
But heed my words before you leave

 “Beware of New Year’s Eve,
Don’t stray from home. Don't leave."

He went out
With some doubt
Whether she was really psychic.
But not to take the chance with his route,
Every year
He’d stay near
Giving reasons quite sporadic,
But nothing bad or sad would occur.


Never harmed,
He felt charmed
So he lived his life more freely.
He wrestled with success-he strong armed.
Wheeled and dealed,
Was well heeled,
Took a wife and had a family.
But he grew bored so he played the field..


She’d been his friend,
Through all trends.
Then she turned into his lover.
Divorced, laid off with no dividends.
Their life was tough,
It was rough
Even when they lived together.
His life became a web to unweave.
So he told her the prophecy.
“Beware of New Year’s Eve.”
She laughed and pulled his sleeve…
“I was born on New Year’s Eve.”

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mosaic Mosaic

Can't help during this Lenten season to focus on a spiritual theme....A poem for your perusal:
Linking to Alphabe-Thursday Letter M and Inspire Me Monday

Mosaic Mosaic

When Moses moseyed into the desert and served
With a mosaic of rag tag peoples,
His leadership, style, and presence: reserved.
He, a conduit between mankind and temples…

A mere glimpse of all mankind in those desert years-
One tiny nation set aside and preserved.
That mosaic imbued with commandments and fears
Showing humans could never be God deserved;

Because mercy, grace and love rule the mosaic,
Only God can mesh the human and Spirit.
His Son did the weaving, scripturally prosaic.
All that’s required of us: just believe it.

Yes, we make up the bits and pieces
Of Christ’s holy mosaic.
Now shine, as your tiny bit meshes
With the total picture: the perfect Mosaic.

All Rights Reserved. By LMKazmierczak  Please ask permission for use of any part of this post, thanks.

Lent, Valentines Day, President's Day...February holds lots of celebrations♥

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lenten Hymn

Lent begins February 13th, Ash Wednesday.
Here's an instrumental and lyrics to address the occasion ♫♪ Joining Alphabe-Thursday Letter L this week,
as well as Inspire Me Monday
(Sometimes the audio cursor needs to be pulled to the right to load)
Or access the instrumental on my song page: I seem to be having technical difficulties with the blog audio!

Turn Away

A Hymn for Ash Wednesday

1. Turn away from sin and
follow the Gospel says the
one applying ashes
to your forehead Ash Wednesday.

Heed and obey. Just let the
(Turn away, turn away…...turn away)
Lord come and stay in your heart.
Let the Spirit lead you
Home to the Lord. Repent and

Turn away from evil.
Follow the Gospel to do
Good in your life.  Seek peace
And a clean heart.

2. Mark of the cross is on you
Ash from the past has found you
As you make your way back
Into the pew this Wednesday.

Read to know more. Open your
(Turn away, Turn away,…... turn away)
Mind and explore what faith is
Let the Spirit lead you
Home to the Lord. Repent and


Seek God
Turn from selfish actions.
Tend to your response
To His call to reunite your
Heart and soul.


God has a plan of action
Pay His son close attention.
He is your heart's attraction
Clear your heart's main affection.
Make an examination
Call to reunite your heart and soul.

Follow the Gospel and just
turn away sin.

All Rights Reserved.  Please ask permission for use of any part of this post, thanks.

Thursday, January 31, 2013


We took trips last year, but this year decided to invest in the house....begun Dec 17, with the counter tops installed Jan 14th, we were back in business in under 4 weeks. Many thanks to Rick's Remodeling

Participating in Alphabe-Thursday Letter K

Bare bones

Plastic kept some of the dust out

Custom butcher block and granite turntable, large sink.

Kind of have a Rooster thing going

New tile floors, walls and granite counter.
Cabinet above my new Whirlpool Fridge is for tray storage.
There's a rooster tile above the window♫

Pull out spice rack and under cabinet lighting

Enormous Lazy Susans top and bottom
Note my rooster tile above the door♫♪
Wine rack.
Doors and drawers are soft close and the shelves in the lowers are pull-outs.

Kind of happy to see the end of January♥

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Reminiscing over this past September's wedding events♫♪

Joining Jenny Matlock's Alphabe Thursday Letter J
The Photo Gallery:Adventure
Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond
Orange You Glad It's Friday
 Saturday Snapshot
Inspire Me Monday

Over the river and through the woods…
Oh, how that Jeep endured the many broods!
Family, friends, through all types of moods.

Two Hundred acres of timbered trails
Hauling fire wood, camping gear, through the dales,
Exploring, fording streams, passing all the trials.

Until, bumperless, with holed floor boards, no window shield,
Battery burned out, no longer able to pull sleds over the field,
Was put into storage, no power to wield.

Dilapidated, de-palpitated, unable to come to life…
Hauled away, stored at my brother’s and his wife.
Then, a daughter’s engagement, and an idea come to life.

Who knew my brother had the skill?
T’was up to the last minute for him to fill the bill.
Success!  It runs again to escort the Bride…Doesn’t it look swell!!!

a true story

Happy Trails♫♪