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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Walk With The Lord

My attempt at a shaped's supposed to be a footprint♫♪
An entry for the monthly event to "post about poetry once a month, on the last Tuesday of the month."

Walk With The Lord

                                                                             t'            e        
                                                k       y      f          w         a  
                                                   e     o      a          a        v
                                                    e     u      c        r        e         
                                                      p     r      e     d       n
                                                           Walk with the Lord,
                                                  He awaits for your heart.
                                                     Move in the Spirit
                                                 to remove your doubt.
                                                 Walk with the Lord,
                                               He will not let you fall.
                                                  Move with the Spirit
                                                   and hear your call.
                                                    Walk with the Lord,
                                                   you know you need Him
                                                         Move in the Spirit,
                                                          you need to know Him.
                                                               Walk with the Lord
                                                               He will lead you to love
                                                                     Move in the Spirit
      to grant you wisdom.
                                                                       Walk with the Lord,
                                                                       enter into His gate
                                                                          Move with the Spirit
                                                                                to walk it straight.
                                                                                   O to be Spirit driven.
                                                                                     Keep your face

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