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Thursday, July 26, 2012


The word Juxtapose always fascinated me.  When the Beatles came out with the song "Band on the Run", I was totally entranced by all the juxtapositions.  Here's my tribute to the word and I have moved the instrumental to the top of my song page-click on the link in the side bar.  This is an entry for Alphabe-Thursday Letter J Check out other J entries!

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1. Your eyes speak. 
Your lips listen and
your ears see more than they should.
My heart reaches out to your heart.
And my hand clenched tight,
Beats out a rhythm.

2. Your eyes wait
for your lip’s balm
As I hear your response to me.
Your pulse takes on steady rhythm
As my hand unclenched
Finds a new calm.

 My senses are juxtaposed
On the edge of my feelings
Your actions, I suppose
Are a reaction to my being.


Your eyes speak
Just suppose
Your lips listen.
Your ears see more than they should
I suppose
My heart reaches out to your heart
And my hand, juxtaposed, beats out a rhythm.

My senses are juxtaposed on the edge
I suppose, of my feelings.
Your intent, I suppose, is a juxtaposition
to my being.


  1. Lovely poetry ~ well written ~ I write Haiku ~ and am your newest follower ~

  2. Very nice!! I love the line, yours eyes speak, your lips listen!

  3. Very nice lyrics - thanks for sharing.

  4. Definitely a nice poem, I like especially when:

      My senses are juxtaposed
    On the edge of my feelings

  5. Lovely writing...

    A Jovial post for the letter J...

    Thanks for linking...

    Great job.