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Thursday, January 31, 2013


We took trips last year, but this year decided to invest in the house....begun Dec 17, with the counter tops installed Jan 14th, we were back in business in under 4 weeks. Many thanks to Rick's Remodeling

Participating in Alphabe-Thursday Letter K

Bare bones

Plastic kept some of the dust out

Custom butcher block and granite turntable, large sink.

Kind of have a Rooster thing going

New tile floors, walls and granite counter.
Cabinet above my new Whirlpool Fridge is for tray storage.
There's a rooster tile above the window♫

Pull out spice rack and under cabinet lighting

Enormous Lazy Susans top and bottom
Note my rooster tile above the door♫♪
Wine rack.
Doors and drawers are soft close and the shelves in the lowers are pull-outs.

Kind of happy to see the end of January♥

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Reminiscing over this past September's wedding events♫♪

Joining Jenny Matlock's Alphabe Thursday Letter J
The Photo Gallery:Adventure
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Orange You Glad It's Friday
 Saturday Snapshot
Inspire Me Monday

Over the river and through the woods…
Oh, how that Jeep endured the many broods!
Family, friends, through all types of moods.

Two Hundred acres of timbered trails
Hauling fire wood, camping gear, through the dales,
Exploring, fording streams, passing all the trials.

Until, bumperless, with holed floor boards, no window shield,
Battery burned out, no longer able to pull sleds over the field,
Was put into storage, no power to wield.

Dilapidated, de-palpitated, unable to come to life…
Hauled away, stored at my brother’s and his wife.
Then, a daughter’s engagement, and an idea come to life.

Who knew my brother had the skill?
T’was up to the last minute for him to fill the bill.
Success!  It runs again to escort the Bride…Doesn’t it look swell!!!

a true story

Happy Trails♫♪

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ironic Post

Not sure if 'ironic' is the actual term to be applied♫♪ But here goes:
How about a post on a post, from a postal worker?
I have been snapping shots of a lone corner post, wondering what that post sees throughout the year...
Participating in Alphabe-Thursday letter I
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Saturday Snapshot

Happy January♫

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Homonym Homilies: Err, Air, Heir

The title speaks for itself♫♪

Participating in Alphabe-Thursday letter H
Inspire Me Monday

Homonym Homilies: Err, Air, Heir  


Errors arrow their ways into our souls,
Marking misery as penance, the tolls.
Mistakes, masking the temptations of the flesh
Pounds its power into our subconsciousness.


Breathe briskly but for a moment, to spare…
For becoming a blessing, a witness to share
As God’s grace and Holy Spirit, fills you to the brim
Awaiting His arrival, with trumpet blast, the din.


Heaven holds only those who claim their inheritance.
Unfathomable glory greets the inhabitants.
The Son shares all as our brother, from the Father.
 Words from The Word, we have to encourage one another.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


2013 has begun with challenges!  My PO just had a carrier retire and her replacement has that nasty virus, so I'm the one doing my short route and the bigger route.  Was out past sundown yesterday but hopefully things will go more smoothly.

A short piece for Alphabe- Thursday letter G

resplendent in
her haberdashery as
she slipped by, incognito
from her secluded bungalow.
 Pure serendipity, and I, without camera!
^        ^


Oh yeah...happy 3rds day♫♪

My phone has a bike bell sound that rings when a comment comes through.  Love it when I'm out on my route and the bell gets rung!