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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More of the Same

So, I was stopped at a light, turning left, listening to the turn signal when I had this idea for a song….When I started playing around with the various instruments to emulate the turn signal, I found that the xylophone was the ideal choice.  The song is mostly about finding myself in a tired, old rut, but I am pleased with the results ♫♪

More of the Same
1. More of the same old road.
More of the same old load.
Traveling down this way’s the same,
It’s not unique.
Payin’ the same old dime.
Playing the same old rhyme.
Movin’ on down this road I’m just not at my peak.
More of
The same.  More of
The same. More of
my aimless destiny,
dismal sea.
2. More of my years go by.
More of my cares subside.
More of my routines feel inadequate to me.
Runnin’ the same old scheme.
Top of my game supreme
More of my life is just repeating hist’ry.
Reach out.
Break out
I need help to turn around my signals…
 inside out.
Tell me to speak out.
Freak out.
Change my whole routine to break this rut.
More of
The same.  More of
The same. More of
my routine, blue scene.
More of the same….
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  1. What an interesting blog! I can imagine that teachers would find your site very useful - loved the addition of the xylophone.

  2. What a lovely blog!

    Visiting from Mrs Matlock’s, thanks for stopping by and look forward to *seeing* you again soon!

    Great post – have a great weekend too.