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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I tried for a light instrumental to go with that heavy emotion of loving from afar….

1. I apologize
I misplaced myself.
I got lost in your eyes
Felt time and space melt.
I know you’re out of reach
And I am not your style.
It’s just your easy streak
And your ready smile
Has deluded me
To think that I’m your kind
2. An irrational choice
I misspoke my word
To hear your velvety voice
Just makes my tongue go all slurred.
3. The mistake is mine
For embracing you
Tangling you up like a vine,
 holding a tether to you.
4. So I apologize.
I am still your friend.
So I’ll put on my new guise,
And see us thru to the end.
It won’t happen again
I’ll keep it straight in my mind.
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  1. hello. :] i clicked on your song page site and had a listen. i like the mix of the more upbeat melody with the tone of the lyrics.

    thanks for visiting picky and leaving it some love. i'm curious: if you picked up a book that had an opening scene such as the one you read the other day, would be more or less likely to continue reading it?

  2. Like Jenn, I listened! Great stuff you've got going here. I love the line "I misplaced myself." I'll be back for more!!!