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Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Thoughts

Bon Mots and All Happy Thoughts is the third poem in my book and third in my list of instrumentals found at My instrumental is light, fun, and hopefully, uplifting. Here's how it came into being....
Peter Pan, played by Robin Williams, tells his son "You are my happy thought!" That really resonated with me. My own happy thoughts center around my kids. Just this past Christmas my darling daughter exclaimed "This is the best present I never knew I wanted!!" and I smile every time I think of it.
It was his focus on that happy thought that gave Peter Pan the ability to fly.  J.M.Barrie conveyed just how important a happy thought is to our well being.  J.K.Rowling tapped into that idea as well when Harry Potter was told to conjure up a happy thought to dispel the dementors.
Whenever stress comes into your thoughts, because you are obsessing over how a bad scenario played out, I suggest you dispel it with a happy thought♫♪

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