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Monday, February 6, 2012

Friends who are authors

I am delighted to find that some friends have trekked down this same path as authors and are sharing some of their experiences with me.  My freshman college room mate Marilyn Em,  has a book through Author House titled

Amazing Spirit: A Tribute To Dad

which be downloaded from

Plus the husband of one of my Bunco buddies, Jeffrey Harold Utterback,  has a book titled

Swygert: Growing Up in the Middle of Nowhere in a Little Town Nobody Ever Heard of

Both are folksy, intimate looks at life growing up in a rural setting.  As I read these slices of life, I am taken back to my childhood days growing up on 200 acres, taking the deer trails down through the hollows looking for mushrooms, digging out fool's gold from the clear, cold streams that harbored shale, and exploring the sink holes and giant ant hills in our '46 Willies Jeep. Hmm, maybe I should write a book♫♥

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