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Thursday, September 20, 2012


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Working our way through the alphabet, already on letter R!
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A simple tune for a simple concept...

1. Our roads are separate. It’s time to go
Our roads are separate, and you must know
When roads are separate
Good friends must part and
Not forget the times we met.
We make a new journey’s start.

Do not be sad that his has to be
The sojourn on this earth makes us see
When roads are separate our lives will tell.
Oh may it fare you well.

2. Our paths have crossed and it seems too brief.
We have traveled here and it’s my belief
This road of ours goes different ways
To map for us a completeness
‘til we meet beyond our days.


3. Roads are separate, it’s time to go
Our roads are separate and you must know
When roads are separate
Good friends must part and
Not forget the times we met
And make a new journey’s start.


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  1. What a wonderful song! It hits close to home for me. Perfect "R" choice!

  2. Wonderful photos, I love those beautiful roads.

  3. Your photos are awesome! I like the music too! Thanks for the share!

  4. Love this series!

    Thanks so much for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week. xo

  5. I am coming to love fog pictures more and more, and especially love your first picture.

  6. What a wonderful series of shots...

  7. I love pathways! I always wonder what's up ahead.
    wonderful photos!

  8. The first song I ever wrote was about roads.

    It was kinda/sorta like the country roads song popular at the time.

    I, however, thought I was incredibly original.

    You, however, are always totally original!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely talents.