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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ode to the Silent K

Ode to the Silent K

Knife, knave, knickerbocker,
Knell, knee, knock
Knick-knack, knucklebuster,
Knead, knob, knot.

Knowing when to use
That silent k or not
Capturing our school time cues-
 How we are taught.

Know, no, knight, night,
Knit, nit, those are right.
Knot, naught, knout, not,
Knowledge gives us might.

This delicate eleventh letter
Is still a mystery to some-
How it represents, unfettered
The element potassium!

These blogs are so interesting, so I hope you click the link and join in♫


  1. great K post(the potassium line was the knockout punch!)

  2. what a fun way to present the letter K. this reminds of how kids used to spell cute with a Q.

    have a great day.

  3. knice! oh wait....I mean, kneat! yikes!

  4. Fascinating poem to the K! Yes, I do.

  5. Haha, as someone to whom English is not a native language this is a very good ode :)

  6. What a klever, klever post!

    Loved this!

    And the potassium line! Absolutely brilliant!

    I really, really, really loved your kgreat post!