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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Now that I have my audio widget actually working, I thought I'd post one of my first vocal recordings that daughter Angela did when she was still in high school.  She has now graduated college with a communications degree and is employed by Humana, but she still likes to sing♫

For the fabulous blog hop hosted by Miss Jenny (click on the link for more letter M's!)

 Alphabe-Thursday Letter M


1. I stopped for directions. He raised his glasses.
I looked in his eyes and I knew.
Here was a man who could answer questions.
Yeah, destiny came in on cue.

“Can you direct me sir, straight to the moon?”
“I’ll take you,” he replied. “Wait until noon.”

2. Noon came on time and we left together,
The man in the moon merely smiled.
Time ticked on by and the sun shut down as
The milky way filled up the sky.

Mooniverse, mooniverse, you’re never blue.
Nowhere on earth can I find one like you.
I have found my
Pie in the sky.

3. There’s nothing mystic. It’s quite simplistic.
Hey I take directions real good.
Our lucky stars keep on generating
a love that we thought never could.


4.  Waxing or waning, there is no explaining.
The moon always reaches its height.
Moon beams are dancin’, my man keeps romancin’.
Our mooniverse is pure delight.

Mooniverse, mooniverse nights! 
Mooniverse, mooniverse nights!

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  1. the player doesn't work for me but I like the lyrics.

    have a great day.

  2. Mooniverse - what a great "M" word and neat poem!

  3. Fun words and fun to listen to your daughter sing them!

  4. What a fun song! Thanks for sharing this with the audio player. I over it!

    1. lol - I *love* it.. sorry, that was an odd auto-correct thing.

  5. I love this!

    Absolutely love this.

    The lyrics are totally marvelous!

    I'm going to relink to the music again. Fingers crossed it works this time. I love the way your daughter sings.

    Thank you for linking.