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Monday, April 22, 2013

Woman At The Well

Having fun with phone photo apps...
and featuring my music as well...Life is good....

Woman At The Well

A dusty road,
The mid-day sun.
Our Lord sits down.
His work’s not done.
He rests alone,
And comes a woman.
“Sir, you are thirsty.”
He says to her,
“Go call your husband.”

So speaks the Lord
Straight to her heart.
A sinner she,
We know the part.
They talk some more
She finds what she sought.
“Sir, You’re a prophet.”
He says to her,
“Drink living water.”

Our Lord has come 
To offer each
Eternal life 
Within our reach
Come to the well of life eternal
We are open vessels. 
Wash away our sin.
Feed us living water. 
Fill us to the brim.

A hand pump was the best 'well' I could find in my area....mosaic effect

I really liked this mirrored app!


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  1. I like your hand pump! Very elegant and interesting looking.

  2. Nice, abstracta pictures

  3. Liked the mirrored.
    Fun playing whit photos.
    Have a nice eveninge.

  4. Yes, without doubt, a wonderful composition, nice music too!

  5. I love this kind of pumps. Can still remember how it felt to pump up water in it. .) I, too, think this app is very nice. Great work with the pump.

  6. What a fun app! I like how the pump photo turned out.

  7. The mirrored effect is nice.

  8. Creative photography editing and great post for W ^_^

  9. Woman at the all flows together. There's nothing like an ice cold cup of water from a well. Great "W" post.

  10. Love the original photo and the effects. How beautiful.

  11. I love your poem about Jesus and the Samaritan woman, and goes very well with your digitally enhanced photograph. Blessings!

  12. We used to have a handpump when I was small. This calls forth the memories and I liked your rendition of the story of the woman at the well.

  13. Love the poem and what you did with the photos. Thanks for joining again. :)

  14. a perfect poem and great illustration, too1
    (I'm glad you gave me the link to your blog because I can never get to it by clicking on your name in the comments on my blog.)

  15. Wow, this is really Well-Written...

    The different effects on the photo are Wild...

    Wonderful post for the letter W...

    Thanks for linking!