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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rain Check

Posting photos and lyrics and and an instrumental♫♪
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What a difference a day makes....
Took a photo of my postal truck's side mirror in the rain to make an abstract....
Then, took the same mirror view shot the next day, see the mirror's sticker on the bottom pic?

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NF Abstracts
Alphabe-Thursday, letter R

Yesterday's rainy mirror/view out my side rear view
It really helps to get some distance on the abstract to see the silo's silhouette♪

I stopped and took the same shot today, which was sunny, but windy!

Rain Check

1. Like a raindrop marking its way with
Stops and starts,
You have found a warm space
at the bottom of my heart.

2. Like a teardrop coursing its way down,
Falls and drips
But is wiped away just
at the moment I feel gypped.

I am given my little stub which
gives me power claiming my item.

Rain check.
Always miss my life time
Ticket in hand
for the next in line.

Rain check.
Standing in my life line
No one calls my name
for next in line.

3. Patiently I wait for the day when
all my tickets
can be validated. Will that
take place in this little lifetime.
Only you can redeem my rain check.
Oh that...Refrain

Will you
Validate my rain check?
You are my only
Rain check.

All Rights Reserved.  Please ask permission for use of any part of this post, thanks.


  1. I love the rain shot! It was fun to see what the actual view was too. I tried to listen to the song, but it wouldn't load!

  2. Great rain shot ~ fun post ~ Enjoy ^_^

  3. The barn color is beautiful!

  4. Absolutely love those stately old barns and silos...nice capture though the review mirror!

  5. What a difference a day makes, as the saying goes. :)

  6. Yes, time and life ... beautiful photos, excellent song. Greetings.

  7. I love rain! Sigh, there's none in sight here.

  8. That's a good rain shot good words too

  9. I love the rain photo too...good sleepy rainy days are great.

  10. what a great phrase: rain check! Can mean so many different things. Your rainy side view mirror looks like sleet to me! {:-Deb

  11. What beautiful with and without rain/no rain paired photos. Love the creative approach.

  12. What a Really clever and creative post for the letter R...

    The Raindrops in that photo kind of have a Retro=ish look to me...

    Radical job!!!