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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lenten Hymn

Lent begins February 13th, Ash Wednesday.
Here's an instrumental and lyrics to address the occasion ♫♪ Joining Alphabe-Thursday Letter L this week,
as well as Inspire Me Monday
(Sometimes the audio cursor needs to be pulled to the right to load)
Or access the instrumental on my song page: I seem to be having technical difficulties with the blog audio!

Turn Away

A Hymn for Ash Wednesday

1. Turn away from sin and
follow the Gospel says the
one applying ashes
to your forehead Ash Wednesday.

Heed and obey. Just let the
(Turn away, turn away…...turn away)
Lord come and stay in your heart.
Let the Spirit lead you
Home to the Lord. Repent and

Turn away from evil.
Follow the Gospel to do
Good in your life.  Seek peace
And a clean heart.

2. Mark of the cross is on you
Ash from the past has found you
As you make your way back
Into the pew this Wednesday.

Read to know more. Open your
(Turn away, Turn away,…... turn away)
Mind and explore what faith is
Let the Spirit lead you
Home to the Lord. Repent and


Seek God
Turn from selfish actions.
Tend to your response
To His call to reunite your
Heart and soul.


God has a plan of action
Pay His son close attention.
He is your heart's attraction
Clear your heart's main affection.
Make an examination
Call to reunite your heart and soul.

Follow the Gospel and just
turn away sin.

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  1. That is wonderful. May I print and use as a page keeper in my lent study book please?

  2. A very timely post. Lent has managed to slip up on me this year, but I should have known... my Lenten roses are in full bloom in my garden!

  3. didn't realize Lent was so early. Perfect for this alphabethursday! {:-Deb

  4.   Yes, this L is certainly very nice.

  5. a timely post -- thanks for stopping by.

  6. My Mom would love this!

    I'm going to send it along to her!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely writing.