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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Your Days Are Numbered

A heavy instrumental of dire warnings:
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1. Your Days are numbered.
No matter where you stand
Or how you stand or why you stand,
I know it’s crossed your mind,
That your days are numbered.

Oh, you have made your plans
And if you can, you’ll never have
To bother thinking that it’s
Your days that are numbered.

So open up you eyes and maybe you will realize
The Lord is in your life,
And He has your number.

Your Days Are Numbered (2X)

2. Try to remember.
You think that life’s a pain
And there is nothing to be gained.
Your problems overwhelm and
You can’t remember.

Oh days are speeding by,
And if you think of it you’ll try
To spend some perfect time,
But it’s your days that are numbered.


Your Days Are Numbered (5X)

3. You’re not to surrender
So just make up your mind to view
Your journey’s end is new.
The Word will give your cue,
So do not surrender.

You can persevere
And you will be inspired still,
And you will be relieved
That your days are numbered.

Keep opening your eyes, and now you can realize
The Lord is in your life,
And He has your number.

He has your number. (6X)
(Your days are numbered) (6X)

Not sure if it is an admonishment or an encouragement to Get Right with God, but this Age of Grace has to be nearer to its end than its beginning♫

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  1. Indeed our days are numbered. The question is will you be ready when your number is called, right? Thankfully, I can say with confidence that I am ready. What a nice song!

  2. Good words to be reminded of! Reminds me of the hand that wrote on the king's wall in the book of Daniel.

  3. Age of Grace.


    I think it's ending, too.

    These were amazing lyrics!



    Thanks for linking.